Since 2003 Corvidae Has Built An Extensive Foundation Of Valued Client Partnerships Across Western Canada And The North

Environmental everything is what we do!  Corvidae employs a diverse team of experts to provide you the best service possible. Each venture demonstrates excellent management ability and meets timeline and budget. We specialize in a solutions focused approach to working with clients, regulators, and stakeholders to coordinate projects and meet your objectives.

Comprehensive experience gives Corvidae a superior ability to deal with any challenges that may occur. This dynamic approach, coupled with our dedication to open communication, allows us to immediately highlight and rectify project crises to the satisfaction of our clients and regulators.


We Have The Solution If You Are Developing On Private Land And Are Required To Consult With A Qualified Environmental Professional.


  • Development in an environmentally sensitive area?
  • Development in a riparian area?
  • Restoration of a degraded ecosystem?
  • Revegetation plan and landscape design?
  • Development in a steep slope development permit area?
  • Streamside development permit?
  • Arborist for tree clearing?


Corvidae has helped housing developers and private landowners meet local district, municipality and provincial environmental requirements for Private Land Development throughout BC and Alberta since 2003. 

Corvidae’s Qualified Environmental Professionals,  Registered Professional Biologists and associated experts are here to help your private land development succeed. We work with you to secure permitting to attain your development objectives while protecting the areas of highest biodiversity and minimizing impacts to the environment.

We will expertly navigate you through the frameworks and zoning requirements for your area. This includes Development Permit Applications, Riparian Area Protection Regulations, Development Impact Assessments, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) applications and all other environmental requirements for your planned project.


Environmental Monitoring

Corvidae Has Successfully Completed Environmental Management And Monitoring On Federally And Provincially Regulated Complex Projects In Sensitive Terrestrial And Aquatic Habitats.

Environmental MANAGEMENT AND Monitoring

As Environmental Monitors (EM) we collaborate with the contractors to ensure construction practices meet the parameters set by the regulators and environmental impact is minimized. Corvidae has a long track record of demonstrated success in facilitating compliance with specifications outlined in Construction Environmental Management Plans, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, provincial and federal regulations and best management practices. Corvidae staff have completed the Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects program through Vancouver Island University and have detailed knowledge and field experience on erosion and sediment control plans and environmental monitoring current to today’s materials and practices.


All Things Environmental! That Means We Can Complete EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments), EISs (Environmental Impact Studies)and DIAs (Development Impact Studies).

Environmental Assesments

When you bring us on board you gain a trusted partner with more than two decades of experience preparing project specific EIAs (Environmental Impact Assessments), EISs (Environmental Impact Studies), DIAs (Development Impact Assessments), ESRs (Environmental Screening Reports) and the many other names the governing bodies utilize. For your project we complete a detailed biophysical assessment including wildlife, vegetation, soil and water features then overlay it on the project plans to identify any areas of environmental sensitivity (e.g. streams, nests, etc.). Then, in consultation with you, we provide site specific mitigation measures to protect those areas while still executing the project; these include timing windows, avoidance, erosion control, wildlife salvage and relocation and many more proven strategies. Once the report is ready we send it to the governing body and answer any questions they have so that we can keep your project moving ahead. You benefit from our great reputation with many of the governing bodies by fast turnaround times and straight forward communication. 


We Excel at Producing Functional and Practical Environmental Protection Plans (Epps), Construction Environmental Management Plans (Cemps) and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (Escps).

Environmental Protection Plans

If your project requires an EPP, CEMP or ESCP you’re in good hands with Corvidae! We work with you to understand your preferred construction methodology and the environmental constraints of the project and then use our deep experience to create a concise and practical Plan that supports your team’s approach to your project. Corvidae has completed EPPs, CEMPs and ESCPs for unique projects with area-specific requirements in challenging terrain all over BC and Alberta including multiple phases of the Trans-Canada Highway twinning in Banff National Park, multi-year BCMoTI projects as well as private residential, commercial and industrial land developments on Southern Vancouver Island and the mainland. We have a great reputation and are expert at finding solutions with the local municipalities and Provincial Ministries. 

Section 11 Applications and Notifications

In BC, Works in and Around Watercourses Generally Require a Section 11 Application or Notification to the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources.

Section 11 Applications and Notifications

Corvidae is expert at completing these, providing the plans and information to the provincial government in a way that ensures fast turnaround times and successful outcomes. We can help landowners understand where they can build, how to build and we act as a liaison with the provincial government to develop adaptations to meet their approval.

Other Services

Put Us To Work For You! Our Broad Set Of Technical Skills And Open Communication Will Create Opportunities And Solutions For Your Project.

Conservation & Reclamation

We work with the client and the regulators to determine suitable minimal disturbance construction methods and develop follow-up reclamation protocols that meet approval requirements. Our experience in reclamation of well sites, oil and gas facilities, wind farms, ski hills and linear developments, combined with our comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory, financial, and physical parameters associated with  Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan is a tremendous asset to our clients. We are now working on new concepts in reclamation that provide clients with local options for materials that reclaim areas quickly and are more affordable than importing materials.

Public Consultation

Corvidae has worked on several public consultation projects for transmission lines, proposed town expansions, fire and fuel management options in the National Parks and sour gas well drilling. Corvidae’s team members spent months on each project conferring with individual landowners to provide information and feedback on the projects prior to obtaining government approval and using our extensive experience to facilitate and moderate stakeholder meetings for controversial projects.

Contaminated Site Clean Up

Contamination from past operations and practices is frequently encountered during development. Corvidae has completed numerous Phase I and II Preliminary Site Investigations (BC)  and Environmental Site Assessments (AB)  and the successful site delineation, excavation and monitoring of contaminated sites. You will benefit from our experience with  assessment and cleanup of residential and commercial properties, gas stations, dumpsites, pipelines, hospital sites and well sites.

Assessments with First Nations

We have worked on several First Nations Reserves completing Environmental Impact Assessments within the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act framework. We have engaged in public consultation and First Nation training programs and worked with the Tsuu T’ina, Siksika, Blood, Beaver Lake, Piikani and Big Horn First Nations on projects where consideration for First Nations customs and culture was imperative. These projects consisted of ongoing dialogue with First Nations members, including elders, on the traditional land use of the areas and current impacts.

Development Permit Applications

Corvidae has the experienced team of Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) you need to complete Development Permit Applications (DPAs) for your project. After discussing your goals and dreams we complete a desktop assessment, review of local Official Community Plans a detailed environmental site assessment. We are completely transparent with you and provide you with what is possible, what is feasible and what solutions are available for your project. We present detailed reports to the local municipality and are expert at presenting to mayor and council, local committees and the public.


Environmental protection and monitoring of industry and individual practices is increasing globally, due to global awareness of human impacts on the environment. Corvidae has worked with the government of Thailand to develop land use planning in the Mae Tun region of Northern Thailand and has collaborated with the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Nepal, to assist with establishing permaculture knowledge centers in remote areas. Our team has worked on several international projects as part of our sense of adventure and striving to make the world a better place. One of the most interesting was when Julie Budgen worked on Sir Richard Branson’s private island as the animal keeper and rescuer working with lemurs, giant tortoises, red legged tortoises, scarlet ibis, flamingos, parrots and spoonbills.

Wildlife assessment

Our Corvidae team includes wildlife biologists with expertise in fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals of all sizes. We have good working relationships with the regulators to get wildlife permits for salvage, clearing, removal and observation. Corvidae routinely completes bird nest sweeps prior to clearing and works with clients to comply with the Migratory Birds Act. We have collected thousands of amphibians (salvaged) and planned and implemented isolation of areas prior to construction. Members of our team have eDNA certification and experience, as well as electrofishing and fish salvage. We have worked with all types of wildlife, ranging from rattle snakes to flamingos to grizzly bears. Whatever the project, we have the wildlife biologist to work with your team.

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